Amigurumi Worm Free Pattern

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Today we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern again for you. As you know we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. The main crochets are amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi llama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi lambs, amigurumi bees, amigurumi unicorns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi foxes, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more …

Have you met your worm who loves to play in your backyard? This colorful worm is easy to make. It is 12,5 inc (30 cm) long and crocheted in 13 wonderful colors.

I would like to thank marjanvanderleer for this beautiful free pattern. You can find beautiful amigurumi free patterns on our site here. Let’s start. Enjoy 🙂

Worm Amigurumi Pattern Instructions

Length: 12.6 inches (32 cm)
Level: Beginner
Recommended Crochet Hook: US size B/1-C/2 (2.5 mm)


  • embroidery needle & black yarn
  • 2 safety eyes 0.3 inches (8 mm)
  • fiber filling


  • sc = single crochet stitch
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • mr = magic ring
  • […] = amount of stitches
  • (…) = number of rounds
  • = repeat.

Yarn: Rainbow Cotton 8/4

How much yarn should I use?
1 x main color: Light Lime (017)

12 different colors for the body
1 x Pastel yellow (053)
1 x Petrol blue (035)
1 x Light coral (050)
1 x Light green (019)
1 x Cobalt Blue (096)
1 x Burned orange (066)
1 x Pastel pink (042)
1 x Turquoise (033)
1 x Dark red (059)
1 x Pastel Mint (025)
1 x Abricot (065)
1 x Baby pink (044)

Amigurumi Worm


In the main color:
R1: 6 sc in a mr [6]
R2: increase 6x [12]
R3: 1 sc, increase 6x [18]
R4: 2 sc, increase 6x [24]
R5: 3 sc, increase 6x [30]
R6: 4 sc, increase 6x [36]
R7-11: 1 sc in each stitch (5 rounds) [36]

Insert the safety eyes between round 9 and 10 with an interspace of 8 stitches between the eyes.

R12: 4 sc, decrease 6x [30]
R13: 3 sc, decrease 6x [24]
R14: 2 sc, decrease 6x [18]
R15-18: 1 sc in each stitch (4 rounds) [18]


You change color by finishing the last stitch with a new color.

Work 1 round of slip stitches [18]

Work sc over sl from the last round, and place them in the same stitch as you placed the sl st.

1 sc in each stitch (4 rounds) [18]
Repeat 12 times. Stuff the worm, and do so continuously as your work develops.

After 12 color changes, crochet like this using the main color (light lime):
1 sc in each stitch (3 rounds) [18]
1 sc in each stitch (3 rounds) [18]
1 sc in each stitch (2 rounds) [18]
1 sc, decrease 6x [12]
decrease 6x [6]
Stuff the worm firmly.

Cut the yarn and insert the thread through the front loops of the 6 last stitches and tighten. Weave in the ends.

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